6 Must Knows About Breastfeeding

6 Must Knows About Breastfeeding


Welcome to the realm of “motherhood” where everything is bright and beautiful. In the beginning there will be some ups and downs but trust us, that will intensify the love and bond that you two will share.Talking about this incredible journey, your milk will be sustaining your tiny version and will be nourishing them, breast milk is magical. It is suggested to stay prepared for what is going to happen, right? Well to all the new moms, here are few things that you should be knowing.

  1. Call Out for Help: Reading and doing the breastfeeding on your own are two different stories. The first time you breast-feed (within the first hour after delivery) call for help. A consultant can offer best advice or tips, starting on how to position the baby and to ensure that your tiny one is latching with precision. Kick start by getting as comfortable as possible, support yourself with several pillows if needed. Also, don’t forget to support the baby’s head as infants need support. Cradle your tiny one close to your breast instead of leaning forward.Once you have encouraged your baby to cup your breast and consume the milk, you will be able to listen to the rhythmic sucking and chugging pattern.

  2. Supplementing: New mommies know when the baby isn’t feeding on well, that is when you need to consult a paediatrician. It is common for kids to lose weight during their first few days, but is very important to gain weight quickly. It is important for the tiny one to feed well to get rid of various infections that can build up. Infants need to flush down a lot of wet diapers that will only happen if they feed well. Hence, employ supplements as it will be of huge benefit to your baby.

  3. Stay on a Pacifier: Babies are the happiest and comfortable when they are sucking on something. Give a pacifier to your infant, once breast-feeding is well-established since sucking on breast differs from sucking on a pacifier.  Keep the pacifier for nap-times only for a happy sleep. Pacifiers can be of huge help in shushing a fussy baby. We understand that sometimes mom herself cannot understand what does a baby want, that is when a pacifier can be your saviour.

  4. Beneficial for Mommy: Breastfeeding is all about benefits that a lot of new mommies aren’t aware of. It can be of huge help in saving your life as it helps you release several hormones that help soothe uterus. You might not know but breastfeeding your baby reduces the risk of flexing breast cancer or any kind of ovarian cancer.

  5. Mind your Areola: Each feeding you will see milk naturally drying on your areola.You can gently pat it and in case you are having a leak in between the feeds then feel free to use bra pads and don’t forget to change them. Whenever you take a bath, minimise the usage or amount of soap, cleanser, and shampoo.Retain the moisture using organic products.

  6. Make Healthy Choices: During the breast-feeding period, it is incredibly important to take care of your lifestyle choices, we have mentioned a few below…

    - Consume a healthy diet to keep up with your energy
    - Drink plenty of fluid especially water and juiceS to stay hydrated.
    - Rest as much as you can and prefer sleeping whenever your baby sleeps.