Popular Baby Shower Themes

Popular Baby Shower Themes


Baby Showers! Ah one of the best things about your pregnancy. Expecting moms love to be showered with care, love, and loads of baby gears that will be her gadgets once the baby arrives. Those who are planning to throw a baby shower for their friend, sister or daughter might be having a trouble organizing one. Take a deep breath and chill as we have got your back. Organizing a baby shower for a mom-to-be is quite easy if done right. Send out invites, coordinate with a catering service and hire a venue and voila the surprise is ready.

This post is all about the popular baby shower themes that ranges from vintage, classic stories, pastel color, food themes, and so much more...To be of a little help in planning a baby shower, here are the top themes that one can employ to please the mom as well as the guests.


At the top of the list is our very own favourite theme. Adorning a baby shower party with pastel colored peach and minty shades will be perfect. Don’t stop here you can literally use any pretty pastel color to make a gorgeous theme that will be too cute to handle for the expecting mom. Feel free to add a dash of sparkle and balloons.


This is a radical offbeat theme that entails brilliant arrangement of flowers with pop of gold and lavender. This is an ideal way to celebrate a baby shower with family and friends under a roof decorated with a blend of vintage, bohemian, and modish decor to organize a perfect majestic baby shower party to astonish the mom-to-be.


Since the entire tradition is about welcoming the baby, how about we surprise the mom with the popular lullaby? Organize a night time lullaby themed baby shower and create an adorable ambiance with a splash of golden and silver decor embellishing the party space. The mom will surely feel blessed and pampered.


Who can ignore the treat that is loved by almost everyone? A donut themed shower is not only a modern way to celebrate baby shower but is also fun and fresh. Also, how will your guests resist the mouth watering donuts and all the pop colored donut themed décor!


We all are very well aware of the old yet popular saying ‘Bun in the Oven’ so what if you employ this adorable phrase into a reality to please the mom-to-be. You can choose the color theme as per your preference as well as convenience. Do have a dessert table when organizing a baby shower party based on such theme. It is important to keep the mom and guests pleased with delicious food and brilliant decor.


One can go old style with loads of confetti and adorable pop colors. You are planning a baby shower it has to be the coolest confetti and colors to bring a brilliantly cute ambiance to the party. You can even add on few stick on notes where the friends and family members can write cute notes to make the mom feel nice and motivated.

These are a few of the popular baby shower themes that one can choose from when planning to throw a baby shower bash for a mom-to-be.