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5 Pregnancy Skin-care Must Haves

by Yashi Gupta
5 Pregnancy Skin-care Must Haves

Pregnancy is the time of major transformation which means lots of changes take place in a women’s body. It’s not her body alone that experiences this transformation; she goes through a phase of emotional, psychological and mental roller coaster. Every woman has a different experience since each body reacts differently to the hormonal turmoil. The hormone surge may cause dark spots, itchy belly, moles, or stretch marks and much more. This is the time when your trusted skincare products also fail to show the results on you. It is essential to use pregnancy-friendly beauty and skincare products which are gentle on the mother’s skin and help ease her pregnancy troubles to some extent.

  • Bella B Silk & Honey Moisturizing Cream – A good moisturizer never hurt anybody. With the rapid body changes the expecting mom may experience skin issues. The special range of skincare products extended by Bella B is safe on the pregnant skin. It is important to use products that are tested as safe to use, since beauty products may have harmful chemicals which may seep in the skin and may cause harm to the baby. The moisturizing silk and honey cream is safe on the mother’s skin.
  • Bella B Nipple Butter – Breastfeeding requires the mother’s nipple to be soft and firm since it’s the source of your baby’s food. If you care for it during pregnancy you are sure to reap the benefits later. Bella B’s Nipple Nurture Butter cream soothes the cracked nipples. This product is safe to use even during breastfeeding. The product has natural plant-based extracts which are 100% safe to use on baby and mom.
  • Belly B Tummy to Toes Cooling Gel – The changes an expecting mother’s body proves heavy on her feet. The whole body weight is required to be managed by those tender feet, this may make them sore and tired. Bella B’s Tummy to toes cooling gel is highly effective in soothing the sore feet with its creamy feel, light scent, and cooling properties. If you would like a deep moisturization of your feet then this tummy to toe cooling gel is the ideal choice for you.
  • Bella B Tummy Honey Butter – With the body changing and the tummy expanding to accommodate the new being, women are sure to experience the issue of stretch marks. Stretch marks are a sign of the body growing, they are common in the stomach area, but may also be visible in the hip and arms area. Expecting mum’s are always in search of a friendly and effective tummy stretch marks cream. Bella B tummy honey butter is one
  • Bella B Perineal Body Wash – Personal hygiene is a must in general. Women face the trouble of infection and bacterial growth in the intimate areas due to their neglect at keeping the private parts clean and hygienic. Post-pregnancy this issue heightens since women may experience swelling and itching. Bella B Perineal Body Wash will help women soothe their private parts with witch hazel and organic ingredients like cucumber, honey, olive oil, etc. The ingredients of the wash are healthy and safe on the skin.

The pregnant skin is prone to diverse changes from dry, oily to acne-prone, it is impossible to decide how your skin might react during pregnancy. The expecting mother would be the best judge for her particular skin condition. There are plenty of safe and tested products available, the expecting mother can now easily buy pregnancy products online at, a trusted and reliable online store offering the best pregnancy products online.