Pregnancy comes with its own share of physical and emotional changes; these are inclusive of everything from holistic well-being to mood swings. The exercise patterns also take a big hit during this time and if it is accompanied by the monsoon, the impacts intensify. Monsoon calls for hot beverages and sitting by the window watching the sky pour water. Monsoon is also the time of weather change, which can affect the health and skin, especially of expectant and new mothers. Pregnancy skincare products in India are available in plenty to help combat the skin-related issues. For the health-related concerns during monsoon, here are some tips that mums-to-be can utilise to stay healthy during monsoon:

  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet  Don’t eat street food, during this time the street food gets spoiled with moisture in the atmosphere and the chances of bacteria attacking the food are also high.The right choice would be to eat home-cooked food only. Consume freshly cut and cooked vegetables. Make fruits your favourite snack item. Pregnancy craving is inevitable, to cater to them prepare the food items at home with prior consultation from the dietician. Avoid eating leftovers, only stick to fresh food.
  • Surge up the fluid consumption  Humidity levels are on the high during monsoon season, this can be a major reason for dehydration. One must consume a decent amount of fluid throughout the day. The fluids that are healthy and can be consumed by you are lemonade, fresh fruit juices, soups, sorbets, etc. Water must also be consumed only after boiling. The packaged juice must be avoided at all cost, instead, try to look for clean and hygienic fresh fruit juice place, you may also choose to squeeze fresh juice of vegetables and fruits on your own at home.
  • Light and clean cotton clothing - It is because light clothes are comfortable and airy, which ensures that you don’t get bothered by the sticky, moist weather. Monsoon time means water all around, hence, you must be sure to wear non-slippery footwear, so as to avoid any mishap which can be a risk to the pregnancy.
  • Personal hygiene must be well maintained - Use a good quality disinfectant for your laundry this ensures your clothes are free from any bacteria. The monsoon weather can be itchy and uncomfortable and hence, you must take bath twice. If possible use anti-bacterial items for bath, like neem. Other than that fungal infections are also a common site during monsoon, hence, you must keep your feet clean, this means to clean your cuticles, soles, nails beds, etc. It is advised to carry a sanitiser for your personal care.
  • Sanitise your home - This is to avoid breeding of any mosquitoes, flies, etc. Clean and disinfect your home each day to ensure no water gets collected. Accumulated water can be the breeding site of bacteria, mosquitoes, and much more. Clean your home thoroughly, no muddy water stays clogged.

Monsoon season can be enjoyed if you take care of the above-mentioned tips. Mums-to-be are required to be extra cautious during this time. Take care of your skin during this monsoon, and if you know a pregnant woman whom you wish to pamper we have gift cards for pregnant women that you can present her with.